Roommate Day

Roommate and I finally got to spend some quality time together! Not to say that 15 years of friendship isn't quality time, but I think our day together really put the cherry on top of the decade and a half. 

We started the day going to lunch with my parents, buying a new lens and sharing things about our week. We headed home to put on our bikinis (and avoid every thought of doing homework). After toasting our skin for a few hours we moseyed on over to Huckleberry's.

*** Side note! I really don't enjoy the spelling of moseyed it should be spelled mozied. Mozy and Mozied. Just sayin...Okay back to real life...

We stopped to admire the beautiful flower garden our neighbors have.

We filled a six-pack with all summer beers including Wailua Wheat Ale. Summer in your mouth, people.  Try it!

We also got all the makings for fish tacos. Nothing says summer better!

A little tilapia, spicy guacamole, black beans and salsa. 

We ended the night with a candy run. Scored a bagful for $5, popped some corn, and headed to go see Bridesmaids. (Yes, we sneak our own popcorn into movies). It was such a beautiful day/night. We enjoyed each others' company, laughed, talked and grew just a little closer. 
Although I didn't get my homework done, I'd say my day was pretty productive. 

I'll leave you with a video of our favorite bridesmaid.


undomestic mama said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! And I agree with you on moseyed, it looks like it's spelled wrong.

Alex Byer said...

She's my favorite bridesmaid too :)

Ashley said...

aww so much fun! i saw your tweet and was jelly....i miss having a roomy ;)

did you know that melissa mccarthy is married in real life to her mustached hookup - ca-razy right?

Taryn said...

Ah stunning!! Looks like such fun!

Check out my page :) I passed on "The Versatile Blogger" award to you :)


Chelsea said...

Just visited your blog for the first time and think it's adorable :) Love these pictures! If they were taken with the new lens, you'll have to let us know what you ended up going with!

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