Hoopfest is the biggest event that happens in my city. It is the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the world bringing in lots of players, spectators and volunteers. I'm pretty sure my city doubled in population over the weekend. For many of the players it's a chance to prove they are a baller by winning a t-shirt. most of the time people just shit-talk from the side lines, get riled up and kicked off the court. (Not that that has ever happened to me... no, really!)

I'd say that is a foul...

For me, hoopfest was all about selling hotdogs. That's right. I was an official wiener girl.... 
"Hot dogs!! Hot and juicy!"
I put on my finest daisy dukes, tube socks and cut up the ugly flattering tank top provided. Off I went peddling hot dogs like there was no tomorrow!

Many people were just confused... others thought I was hilarious. Over all I had a blast selling those little wieners. 


Rissy said...

hahaha I love you! seriously... not in a creepy way.

I want to see your holly madison-esque tube socks and shorts tho!

I really wish I lived near you so I could do stuff like this with you! And looking at hot guys for a day seems like something I could really do!


Young and Fabulous said...

damn that second guy is really enjoying his hot dog ;)

it sounds like you had fun though! especially if you got to say dirty stuff like, get your weiners!


Whim Wham Life said...

Some of my friends went to Hoopfest! I'll have to ask them if they saw the super hot wiener girl:-) xoxo

Shay said...

HA! You remind me of the guy at the end of Never Been Kissed who starts yelling "WIENERS...THEY HAVE FRESH WIENERS!"

If you have no idea what I am talking about then you really need to watch that movie...

PorkStar said...

Oh i haven't had any of those here in a while and i suddenly have the cravings.

All hetero food cravings, just to be clear.

Brooke said...

Nice hot dog pictures. They're very professional looking.

DoublClik said...

That totally looks like Brody Jenner getting hoisted up!

DoublClik Photo Blog

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