Summer Bucket List

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for the upcoming summer months! Although I am taking a few summer courses I will have plenty of free time to get some essential lake time in. I'm starting to compile a list of epic-ness. Yes, that's right, this summer is going to be EPIC.

Summer 2011 Bucket List
1. Read!! I have a few books I've been meaning to read for a while now
      a. Say You're One of Them
      b. The Leader In Me
      c. The Art of Racing in the Rain
2. Go to an outdoor concert 
3. Take a train ride somewhere
4. Go Surfing
5. Make more videos
6. Have lost of backyard BBQs
7. Apply for Teach For America
8. Find any excuse to get fancy
9. Go on a Wine Tour
11. Spend some quality time in an inner tube on the river
12. Pack up and go somewhere on a whim
13. Take one of those cheesy pictures of my legs at the beach
14. Crash a Wedding
15. Create a go-to-summer-drink.

So, lovelies, do you have anything you want to do this summer? Anything that requires great bravery, confidence, or just a few drinks?! I want to know if I can steal add yours to my list! 

Also... in preparation for summer, I made some shorts! I got these William Rast jeans on SUPER SALE a long time ago. I don't know if they just stretched our a ton or I somehow got a rockin' bod (Without working out or changing my diet). I think rockin' bods happen over night, right? The legs were SO baggy and just unflattering. That being said I cut the legs off... here's how they turned out! I kind of like em!


NeuroticLover said...

Okay, I'm going to steal some of these, okay a lot of them! :)

Ps. Love the shorts!!

Young and Fabulous said...

nice bum, where ya from?

i like your bucket list. Especially the one about finding an excuse to be fancy! oh you fancy, huh!?

i think #12 will be crossed off when we hit vegas by storm...siiinnn ciittayyyyy

this summer (or whenever!) I want to meet bloggy friends


Rorie said...

Yep, you have about 8 things that I have on my to do list too!!! Hoepfully ill have enough time for them all!!

Stop by my blog for my giveaway!!


Unknown said...

Oh ya, rockin bods happen after a good night rest. That's why we say "sweet dreams.!" But those shorts look adorable! I love the length.

1. I have never heard of any of these books. Wanna start of blog book club? Mmk cool.
2. I have never been to the Gorge, but I think a Kenny Chesney concert would be amazing there
5. I like the idea of you making more videos! Haha
12. I keep wanting to pack up and go to the beach (10 hrs from me). One of these days I will :)
14. You are brave. Please do!

Ashley said...

oh hai there hot stuff! love those jorts! so hott!

totally love this bucket list - i made one yesterday too - crazy right?

i think we might possibly be able to find an excuse to get fancy in vegas....and posssibly crash a wedding! i'm totally down for going all vince vaughn with you!

PorkStar said...

Yes, you do have a rocking bod, for sure.

As far as the summer activities, on this side of the country:

1. Learn to have more alcohol tolerance, because 1 Appletini or 1 beer should not get me completely wasted. And also, lower the number of girly drinks I enjoy and switch them for hard stuff.

2. Travel to Finland and the Baltic countries for a few weeks. Still in planning stages.

3. Camping in the Appalachian mountains.

4. Hike the Appalachian trail again, on the NJ side.

5. Finish reading 4 books I started reading and put on hold.

6. Go to South America to see grandma.

7. Write more ridiculous posts on my blog.

That's about it for me : )

Stephanie said...

Love the shorts! I think you'll like "The Art of Racing in the Rain".

Holly said...

I want to do everything on your summer list! :) especially the backyard bbqs, wine touring & spending time in an inner tube :)

Sarah said...

Looking up those books now and they sound really interesting - can't wait to get a chance to read them! My favorites right now are The Starter Wife and Firefly Lane - if you get a chance, try them! Also, I'm jealous that you're going to get a chance to surf - I've never had a chance to do that (and so therefore I'll live vicariously through you!)

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