A little DIY and a Giveaway!

This is how I spent the past few rainy days

 Now, What to do with my bracelet collection??

 ...And my bad hair day. Yikes!

Would you like one of my Necklace Boards?! 
Well here's your chance!
I have reached a mile stone in my blogging career
I know some of you are saying, "Psshhh...100 followers? I got 100 in my sleep."
But I am so excited! and I want to thank you be giving you a little handmade LOVE!

So Here's what to do if you want to win:
1. Follow Me
2. Comment (and leave an email so I can contact you if you win)

For Additional entries:
(Separate comments) 
1. Follow me on Twitter
2. Like me on Facebook
3. Follow on BlogLovin

That's FOUR chances to win!
Also... there will be a little surprise along with the Necklace Board. I promise it's a good one!
(No, It's not me...)

Giveaway will be closed Sunday May 22 at 11:59 pm and the winner will be announced on Monday!



Melody said...

that is a lot of braclets..I like those stud ones!!

Young and Fabulous said...

I was going to enter, until you said the surprise was not you.

kiddding I am totally entering! that DIY piece is so cute i love it!! actuallly, I need it. I have a mish mash of mess for my jewlery!

1) I follow you on your blog and this is my comment

Young and Fabulous said...

2) I follow you on twitter. tweet tweet!

Young and Fabulous said...

3) I follow you on facebook!


Unknown said...

Way to go and SO CUTE Sabrina. Fun idea!

Anonymous said...

oh how exciting! i like them all!

NeuroticLover said...

Ooh I follow you! Duh. :)

NeuroticLover said...

And I like you on facebook!

NeuroticLover said...

AND I follow you on Twitter!!

NeuroticLover said...

AANNNDD! I just signed up to bloglovin just to follow!!! Cause I'm that dedicated! And I need all the help I can get with organizational tools, especially super cute ones!!!!

NeuroticLover said...

Oh and ps I WISH my bad hair days looked so good!!

Harris said...

Congratulations! I love the necklace board, it's so cute. I hope I win!

PorkStar said...

I thought the first two pics were a flat screen TV and that you were giving it away!!

Well, being that I am not a girl and have no use for necklace boards, I still sign up to participate, in case I win, I could give it as nice present to a female friend or uhm... if you change your mind and have a flat screen TV somewhere as a giveaway, that could work too.

I'm following you every where, by the way, even on that blogloving thingie, which I just signed up thanks to you : )

Dudes can still win things for ladies even if it's to give it to other ladies, no?

Ashlee said...

My husband would be very thankful if I won this. :)


Ashley said...

um 100 followers is HUGE. i am daily surprised that people actually give a crap what i write - seriously shocked! haha.

i was totally looking at the pictures and thinking i was going to comment on how much i loved your hair - and then you said it was a bad hair day. really?! girlfrand - i would die for one of your "bad hair days"

this boards are AMAZING! i have -0 craftiness genes so i am always inspired by people like you!

Unknown said...

hey, congrats! that IS a big deal :) ps-lovvvin the diy projects. this looks like one i could actually maybe do. now for a rainy day :) <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

Raven said...

k well I already loved you months ago. Seattle Smiths I love and Steph and such I love too (oops, excuse me while I pick up my dropped names) but really, I live in Tricities, only a few hours away from ya.

I liked you on facebook. I like you in REAL life too :) can we meet ???

Michelle said...

i just found your blog! LOVE it! congrats on your 100 :) see you now have some more :)

So shay said...

Whoop whoop! Holla for a dolla girl! I can't believe I have one follower, much less 100, or more! I have a feeling you will be HUGE in blog world! You are just too easy to love! :)

AND please enter me TWICE.

Twitter and FB, DUH!

Bekah McDuffie said...

100 followers is a HUGE deal! I know its a lot of work! I am so happy for you, you deserve it.


Bekah McDuffie said...

I also follow you on twitter, @missbekah


Bekah McDuffie said...

I liked your face on facebook :)


Bekah McDuffie said...

Following on Bloglovin'... I really need this thing, haha!

april said...
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april said...
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april said...
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i hope i got one of your bracelet ;D

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Anonymous said...



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Nea Flerida said...

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♥ Nadine said...

Phew, just in time. :)
Count me in... XO.


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