Heart-ing GU

Synthesis of Beauvoir, Fanon, Foucault, Gramsci, Mackinnon, Collins and Butler. If these names mean anything to you, then you must be a Soc major. This is my life... but not all learning has to be boring! This is part of my final presentation for my Contemporary Theory class.

Please note*** This is NOT what Gonzaga is really like. As part of this class we are encouraged to apply others' sociological views to modern day situations. This is our interpretation. Please enjoy.

P.s. What do you think of my acting/ video production skills?! (or lack of!)


Unknown said...

HAHAH, the last guy was my favorite! I love that you were still kind of running after him. And way to put a little Beyonce in this little shin dig. I wish I was good at video production, totally not something up my alley.

Oh, and I HEART GU!!

So shay said...


I love the video. You rock at editing! I want to learn! :) :) :)

AND I agree with the guy above me. Muhahahahahaw!

Young and Fabulous said...

this is awesome and I thought your acting was great!

haha totttalllly wasnt expecting the penis line..looooove it

I heart GU


Rissy said...

you crack me up. I think this video is awesome, and I really think you deserve an A.

I need to learn how to edit video. When you "yelled" everyone I died.


Kelsey said...

this is awesome!!! hahahh love it!



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