Clever Title

Something that is new and popular in my city is FroYo. 
I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying this new craze. It makes me feel like I am making a healthy choice. 
It's light creamy, sweet, and you get to choose how much you put in your cup. As for toppings there is everything from fresh fruit to warm caramel. 

Yesterday I went to get FroYo with my friend Andrew. We decided that we were extremely classy because  we were eating our desert before dinner, like the Europeans. Then we grabbed some sushi. 
Very un-European... 

Before I left Andrew made it a point to tell me that I should probably fix my hair. 
(Shorts- ae, shirt, ring- F21, necklace- nordys, sandals- target)

So I went and jumped off a ledge....

....And it was pretty fun!
 I hope you are making the most of your sunshiney days!

P.S. There is really nothing clever about this post... (If you hadn't noticed already!)


So shay said...

Friend ANDREW huh? :) Andrew just so happens to be the cutest name on the planet. Andrew is my husband's name...and I'm pretty sure it's a lucky name...therefore you should date this Andrew and then we could both have Andrew's and that would be awesome and yeahhh.... :)

Cute outfit lover!

Young and Fabulous said...

this was the cleverest of clever posts I have read all day!

if someone told me my hair looked crap-tastic I would jump of a ledge too..and NOT fix my hair!

I have yet to try Frozen yogurt...we have a place called PinkBerry around here and the toppings look DELICIOUS. I mean, who wouldn't want hot fudge, blueberries, AND captain crunch cereal all on one icecream?


Rissy said...

I think people who eat fro-yo are in fact clever. So there was a lot of cleverness in this post.

You are the best.

Thanks for always being enjoyable!


Whim Wham Life said...

Very clever, all around! FroYo and messy hair...it's a regular occurrence in my life:-) xoxo

PorkStar said...

Yeah, about the hair... *ahem* (jk). No idea about Froyo but I ain't changing Ranch 1 for healthy stuff until the doctor says, you've got 6 months.

Actually the messy hair is pretty nice, you can totally pull it off.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to try frozen yogurt, but I really want to! It's definitely the new "thing". There just isn't anywhere to get FroYo close to where I live,...hopefully soon though! And I definitely don't see anything wrong with eating dessert before dinner..


Ashley said...

confession: i have spent the last hour rotating between stalking your blog and your facebook. i am happy to find out you are one of those rare finds of a person who is both stylish and funny! i guess this is a good thing since we're apparently going to vegas together right?!

um you're definitely a new daily read - and no, i don't say that to everyone. ;)

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