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Money. Why oh why.

Being a college student automatically means you are below average in the money department, such is life. 
I'm fine with it. I get it. Life takes money. 

I just wish it didn't require so much of it up front. Please let me explain. 

My friend and I found the MOST perfect apartment. I'm telling you, you would die. It's that good!

Hardwood floors, built-ins, big kitchen, beautiful pocket doors, patio in the back yard, huge front porch. 

My heart may be fluttering. 

So why am I just a little bit upset? Because the manager wants us in next week! Here's the problem:

1. We are both in leases
2. We already paid for this month
3. I'm not out of my lease until the end of May

So here's what would happen:

We pay for half a month and a deposit, then I have to pay another month at my current apartment. MONEY.  Stay positive Sabrina, You're going to win the lottery. 

So to cap off this little whiney post, here are some pictures of gorgeous apartments. Enjoy, my loves!

***Update! I bit the bullet and put a deposit on the apartment! Pictures to follow!


Harris said...

Oh, no! I feel your pain, the apartment I live in now almost slipped right through my fingers. Keep yours crossed, hopefully it'll work out somehow!

Whim Wham Life said...

Ahh, those darn leases and fees. Get ya every time. Hope you find the perfect little place! xoxo

PorkStar said...

Oh man, why next week? Can't he wait until the end of the month? Well, why don't you sublet your apartment for a month so you don't lose that money and move in next week. That's something very common in NY to do.

Rissy said...

is that the apartment you want?! cause that's amazeballs... or am I just a bad reader and that's an enviable apartment?!

Ummm hi my name is Carissa and I suck so I have to borrow money from my grandfather (hangs head in shame).


BlackLOG said...

Having paid off our mortgage last year I feel for you...But hey you have youth on your side…you can’t have everything.

No wait you have youth, a nice apartment and the opportunity to stay thin for the next couple of months while your finance catch up….who says you can’t have it all

I’m sure the sacrifice will be worth it in the end…. Enjoy the new place…

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