Such a waste of a heart.

Friends, I need to ask you a question. Because I'm in sort of a pickle. And not the good kind, ya know the original kosher dills, cool, crisp, and crunchy. Nope. This is more of a...
Soggy, Mushy Mess of a Pickle. 

I'll just get right into it...
         Sitting at a cafe tapping my little fingers away as I was writing my thesis. I take a break and look up out the window. And there He is. No, not God. But the other him. Instant flash of heat, and chills, and loss of breathe. Can you say mini-panic-attack?

Why? I don't know why my body was having this reaction when my mind was thinking, "Wow, he looks good. Like, really good."
            ***Yes, I know he may be reading this...
Lucky, I actually dressed myself that day and had been loaded up on caffeine (this could be the cause of the rapid heart rate), for the slight chance I would catch his eye and be forced to say our awkward, "heeeeeey, how have you been?" Which would have probably resulted in me crying or something of the sort. Uggh.

Exchanging friendly words with my friend working he left by saying, "Tell Brina I say hello." 
So here is the question. I know I'm getting to it in the most round about way... 

What would you do in a situation like that? Would you:

A. Pretend like you didn't see him and continue to work on your computer even though your brain is on lock down from sending any sort of message to your fingers.
B. Get your butt up outta the chair and say, "Hey mr. tan-and-looking-oh-so-hot, fancy seeing you here!"
C. ?????

I'm all out of options, folks. Please help me in this situation, because with my luck (and the size of this city) it is bound to happen again, and again... I'm just sure of it.

I would greatly appreciate your advice, funny stories, or any little tid-bit you're willing to share.

Miss afraid-of-getting-hurt-again.

P.s. If this post had a theme song it would be Satellite Heart- Anya Marina


Rissy said...

man oh man. I have never been the least little bit good at staying away from guys who hurt me... I go back again and again hoping it will be different. But I can tell you hun, it will happen again : (

I dont even know what to say about run ins.... be friendly? try and take deep breaths? that kind of ish gives me anxiety attacks girl. For real!


Unknown said...

I'm with Rissy. I don't know the background of the whole situation, but I would probably just pretend like you didn't see him, if he hurt you. Stupid boys don't deserve your attention or beauty.

Anonymous said...

definitely pretend like you didn't see him. this way you have the advantage. he thinks you didn't see him and he can see you looking soo good. =) in my experience this works best!

PorkStar said...

Don't give him the advantage of inflating his ego some more, as good as he may look, you are and you look much better.

And you deserve better.

Whim Wham Life said...

Who is this mystery man? Is there some sort of history? I'm intrigued:-)

I'd probably just smile and wave. Nothing over the top. But, the key is: just being confident in yourself.

Alice in Thunderland said...

Oh I totally know what you mean. I'd have just acted like I never saw him. But that's just me.

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