On The Edge

***Disclaimer: It was really windy! So, it's the winds' fault that I look abnormally large-and-in-charge.

(Vest, tank, bracelet- F21, Skirt- Thrifted, Sandals- Sam Edelman, Sunnies- Michael Kors)

What a lovely day it turned out the be. I mean, can't you tell as I am frolicking in these pictures? 

It started out like so: 
Sunshine, Coffee, VW Bus, New Apartment, Music, Family.
What more could a girl ask for?

I wanted to share some things with you that I've been loving lately. 
Link Lovin'

I love getting to know people. I stumbled upon this little 'getting to know you' section at The Whim Wham Life. I just adore Bonnie.
Steph J. Love her style and this playlist is one you're going to want to add to your iPod. 
Ever having a bad day? Well Looky here! This will cheer you right up!
Oh, You wanna see the cutest baby in the world? Okay, here you go!
I posted this on facebook before, but I just can't get enough of this song. 

There you have it, friends!  Do you have any Link Loves?

And this little gem? Well... I guess I have to work on my timing. Awk.Ward.

P.s. I'm going to see Water For Elephants with my mom today! I'll let you know how it is!


lisa elizabeth said...

Ugh. I miss those evergreens!

ronan said...

love your skirt! ronan x


PorkStar said...

Your pictures are always fun to watch. However you edit your pics certainly gives it a nice warm atmosphere to its surroundings.

My link today is one of my fave ridiculous and hilarious people: http://candiceandco.blogspot.com/

Harris said...

Love your top! And your pictures are to die for, I can't believe the background is real.

Stephanie and Such said...

1. Ahh! Is that Highdrive?? I have been gone a month and want to come back this second. And if you are frolicking, the weather must be good! We had a crappy winter.

2. Thanks for the little shout out! I think Molly's link wins, because Sam is the cutest thing ever. But it's Molly, so what can you expect? She is beautiful!

3. Lovin those Michael Kors! I only trust myself buying those Nordy's $10 glasses. I always sit on them or drop them in the lake!

Tatiana said...

I love your outfit. You're looking beautiful!
I want to see water for elephants too. I'm excited to find out if you enjoyed it or not :-)

Rissy said...

Im anxiously anticipating the Water for Elephants review...

Love your outfit...

And now I've been reminded I didn't leave whim wham life today... ahhhh

Oh why aren't we facebook friends?


Bekah: Matters of Merrymaking said...

Hey girl, I really like your outfit! Free flowy and comfy!!!

Kelsey said...

lovely post! can't wait to hear what you think about the movie! i cant wait to see it! xoxo


Monica Whitney said...

Love this look! And love your blog! So glad I found it!

Ask the Duplex

oxox Naomi said...

Nice outfit !

Btw, I'm your newest follower, visit me and follow if you like http://liveworkplayfashionbynaomi.blogspot.com/

xoxo Naomi

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