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I'm going to take you on a little tour through my iTunes. This is something very special, near and dear to my heart, if you will. Music is kind of everything to me. And when I say kind of, well I guess I mean kind of. Of course I have other loves in life, but I do believe music was one of my firsts. Let's start from the beginning:

I had the biggest crush on Billy Ray Cyrus. Embarrassing? No way. I loved his mullet and ripped jeans and my grandma would always tease me saying, "If I ever meet him, I'm going to sew up those holes in his pants." I was a little obsessed with Achey Breaky Heart. Next, 

In the third grade I was in the talent show. I line danced to Be My Baby Tonight- John Michael Montgomery (By myself). For the finale, I did the splits... real show stopper. Next, 

In the sixth grade, I sang Graduation (Friends Forever)- Vitamin C. Let me tell you, the whole crowd was in tears! And then proceeded to cry for the rest of the day. Except for Molly, of course... she was always one tough cookie. She just laughed at us for looking like big babies. 

Long story short I have always loved music. I listen to almost anything. I love oldies, country, 80s rock, acoustic anything, top 40s... you name it! Here is what I've been listening to lately:

Crazy Girl- Eli Young Band
Without You- Keith Urban
I'd Love to be Your Last- Gretchen Wilson

Rap/ Hip Hop:
Power- Kanye West
The Show Goes On- Lupe Fiasco
Triple Double- Girl Talk (mashup)

Everything Else:
Hello- Martin Solveig & Gragonette
Pyro- Kings of Leon
E.T.- Katy Perry
Rivers and Roads- The Head and The Heart (thanks, BP!)
If You Ever Come Back- The Script

So there you have it! Do you have have a favorite song or band you think I should check out? I love getting new music!


Rissy said...

try downloading "boy with a coin." i've been obsessing over it.
Thanks so much for this post because I am the exact same way. Love tune-age... and just downloaded 3 of those.

Oh also get "Never Leave this Bed" by Maroon 5

PorkStar said...

I personally listen to a lot of rock, jazz, classical music and world music. The rock part is probably a little too heavy for your taste. Jazz, well since NY has a lot of it, it's always on my Ipod.

Also, the pictures are starting to look like you've been hanging out too much with Rissy :P



Kate said...

Cool music picks! I am sooooo in love with the Script!!

XO, Katie
Running on Happiness

TRAX Fashion Magazine said...

love your picks!
i have tickets to see the script this summer :)

right now i am loving
-the band perry
-avril's new cd
-jessie j

Sophie said...

I have to say that music is one of the things in life which is everything to me too! I just absolutely love it. my genre which i always listen to is acoustic/reallly chilled sort of singer/songwriter sort of stuff. I am definitely going to check out some of the songs you have listed!loving your blog - i am following :) xx

Unknown said...

Haha i didn't cry? I don't remember. Now I do remember laughing at your birthday party when Your brother played that horrible prank on us. Maybe I was just eating the popcorn eating zombie. That was awesome.

Nuha said...

aghhhhhhh I used to love Billy Ray Cyrus! And the friends forever Vitamin C song brings back so many memories.

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