Link up! I wish and I'm thankful

Today I am Linking up with Running on Happiness! She is one of my go-to blogs, and I believe you should add Katie to your list. I promise you will not be disappointed! So here goes...

I wish I had a classroom of my own. I'm ready to have a real job, real responsibilities, and a real paycheck.
I'm thankful for my fake (opposite of real) paycheck from waitressing. Hey, Money is Money!

I wish I had the type of budget that allowed me to decorate my apartment with luxurious fabrics and huge pieces of art.
I'm thankful for my thrifty-ness and creativity! I've manage to paint some of my own pieces that I kind of love. Also thankful for hand-me-down furniture! Nothing a couch cover can't fix!

I wish I was my own boss. Sometimes I really don't want to listen to people. I understand the task at hand, give me a chance to prove that to you.
I am thankful I was blessed with patience. 'nuff said.

I wish you all a happy sun shiney day!
I am thankful I have you for Bluddies (Blogging + Buddies). Yikes... sometimes combining words really doesn't work. I'll give that some more thought...

Link up with Running on Happiness!

Oh, and there's a new button over There ----->
That's right! Facebook!
I'll keep you notified of any up coming giveaways.
*gasp* That's right, I said it! Giveaways!


Rissy said...

I wish I had a real job too, but I am totally thankful for the fake one I have ; )

It'd be nice to have a "career" though.

Maybe by the time your 3 year younger than me self gets a j-o-b I will too.

I need dinero. My thirftyness ain't the greatest.


Stephanie and Such said...

HAHAHA, Love the new word you created. I will forever use it!

And hmm I might link onto you for this!

Bon Bon said...

I wish I was my own boss too! Maybe someday. I'll keep reaching for the stars and all that jazz:-)

P.S. hand-me-down furniture has character:-) xoxo

Katie said...

Haha! Thanks for linking up Sabrina!! You are da best! And I'm with Stephanie. I love your word Bluddies! Amazing what words you can find by mixing two together!

Lillies and Lace said...

your button=grabbed and on my page cause i love your blog. its so cute! i just figured out how to make one the other day finally haha.

PorkStar said...

I'm feeling like my paycheck is quite fake, for the type of work that I do and all the expenses that need to be taken care of. But I'm thankful for the job, anyways.

I'm also following you on your fb page.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

LOVE this idea of "I wish, I'm thankful"!!!!!

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