I'm Sorry, Trees. Please Forgive me.

Well hello,  lovelies! I hope your week has been significantly better than mine! Not saying mine has been terrible (it is only Tuesday!), but it's just been less fun than I would like. I'll break it down for you:

1. Senior Thesis = enemy. So far, 36 pages, over 50 references, and graphs & charts up the butt!
2. Research Design. Surveying, documenting, hypothesis....oh the life of a sociologist!
3. Portfolio for health- 4 activities, 1-2 pages each
4. Take home test- 8pages. 

I don't even want to count how many trees I'm killing.
 I'm sorry Trees! Please forgive me. 
And I know what you asking yourself...

Why are you blogging, and not working on homework?
and I say to you:
Life is about having fun. Enjoying everyday to the fullest and taking a mental break!! OKAY?

Sorry for yelling. I'm a little stressed. I'll leave you with this picture of two of my best friends.
 Justine and Molly.

We went to Texas Roadhouse grill for dinner and it was Delish!

P.s. Justine is my new Roomy! I've known them both since the 4th grade. Forever Friends, that's what I call em :)

Happy Day my lovely Blends! (Blog + Friends)
 Still working on that word combo!


PorkStar said...

You need some beer or an extra amount of sweets!

Good luck with your schoolwork. Oh yeah I remember you mentioned once you were reading blogs instead of studying.

You GO girl! : )

Unknown said...

Is this a recent picture?? Molly died her hair!!
So fun, I love Texas Roadhouse.

Good luck with finals! Go spoil yourself when you are finished. Because that sounds stressful!

Hannah said...

Aww I absolutely love forever friends! And being your blend (haha!)

Sending good luck wishes and motivation your way for all of your big projects!


Young and Fabulous said...

wow 36 pages I.AM.IMPRESSED! you go girl. Those trees are shakin in dem boots hoping you don't kill anymore! haha I kid, I kid.

your outfit is so cute in this pic! love love love

I love "Forever Friends" i have 3 of them that i've known since preschool


Harris said...

Stay strong! You can pull through!

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