I'm going to write this post, then come back and name it.

I have to say, I love learning. I love being place in a new environment and just figuring things out for myself. It's nice to know that I am pretty self sufficient and can fend for myself! That being said, I started my new job last week! I'm working at an upscale restaurant (In the lounge, where it is a little less stuffy, if ya know what I mean). My title is technically a cocktail waitress, but I am a SERVER.

Holy Mackerel. We do full on meals. Not just apps and drinks... I had a table spend OVER $500 last night on wine and dinner. Uhhhh....

I forgot to mention that these customers were regulars, they spend that kind of money all the time, and I spilled a FULL glass of water on the gentleman paying.

 I. Wanted. To. Die.

Then, I opened their bottle of wine, and the cork broke! Needless to say I had a mini meltdown, pulled myself together, then walked back over with a smile on my face and said "I swear this isn't my first time!" They laughed, we had a good time, it was all good in the end.

So I've been really busy! I'm working 4 days a week, going to school, writing my senior thesis, apartment shopping... Oh yes, one other little thing..

MOLLY is in town!! (This is the one thing that I would NEVER complain about) I got to see her and Sam earlier this week and we just hung out and talked and played with Sam. I just love him. You know when you see your best friend and it just feels right. That's how it is when I'm with Molly. I just love her family and being at her house brings back so many great memories. Life is good.

Annnyway! I just wanted to check in an tell you why I haven't been present. My senior thesis is nearing the end. Guess how many pages it is so far? Go ahead!

29. Never in my life. But is definitely something that I am proud of and my professor said I have a shot at publication! How Amazing!! Here a a few pictures that I found on my old iPhone. Just somethings that I thought were random and funny :) Happy Weekend!

Sly, Sly bones, Sylvester. My Parents Dog
 I'm kind of a rock band fanatic. I love to play the drums!
 I got this sweet mustache out of a quarter machine! The moles? All mine baby!
 Okay... Make your hand look like this. Got it? Now try to move your ring finger! You can't do it can you?! Crazy huh?
 After a shopping day in San Fran, showing off my purchases. Wait... I don't match?
 The ol Coffee shop I used to work at! Man, I don't miss waking up at 445 to be perky for angry people! The money was good, but my body much appreciates the extra ZzZs. 


Kaylene Nicole said...

Just wanted to tell you I pretty much love your blog... Your happiness and enthusiam for life really shines through in all of your entries, and you always have something interesting to talk about. Your blog makes me want to start writing in mine again..

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

You are SO adorable!! Thanks for your comment the other day... hope you're having a good weekend!! :)

Harris said...

I habitually break the corks out of bottles, but I've never had to push one in yet! Good luck at your job, I'm sure my soon-to-graduate self will be joining you in the ranks of restaurant servers soon!

Unknown said...

Could you be any sweeter. I LOVE YOU and so does sam. I love hanging out with you. Wish we lived closer:( Now we're really going to be far.... ah. Love you brina

Unknown said...

Ahh how fun! Sam looks so cute, but seriously Molly is so cute, so what can one expect??

I want to know where you are working?? Haha, that would be my luck. But hey at least they had a good sense of humor :)

Anonymous said...

okay i love love your new tights.
hope you don't mind the follow =)

Megan said...

You are precious! Love the mismatched outfit picture!! : ) Good luck with the rest of your thesis!

PorkStar said...

Congrats on the new job.

Nuha said...

I remember being a waitress and those first few awkward tables. I really do miss it at times! I loved the socialization part ( and the cash...). I hope you enjoy your new job...I think the mustache and moles will get you great tips hah!

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