Baby, I was born this way.

Recently, I went to my parents house to grab some things I was storing. While I was there, I had a great idea for a Mother's Day gift, so I started going through old pictures. With ever turn of the page I caught myself saying:
First: "Wow, I was a big baby."
Second: "These picture tell A LOT about who I am."

So here are a few of my favorites with commentary:

1. Camera Happy
This is me: Chubby and Content. From the beginning I loved the camera! Even as a small baby I would pose and smile.... I love(d) the attention!

2. Caught in the act
I was most known for crawling into places I wasn't supposed to be. I would take out all of the pots and pans, jump up on counters, and wiggle my way into the dryer. To this day, I leave all the cupboards open. Some say (my mom) I am unorganized, but I say I am always in the process of reorganizing! 
I don't think she buys it.

3. Foodie
Like I said before, I was always smiling for the camera. UNLESS I had food. Case in point: Shoving a PB&J in my face. I have always loved food. I grew up with a lot of different styles of food, so I am always open to try anything. 

P.S. Isn't my brother adorable in his Ninja Turtles shirt?!

4. Mother Hen
My mom always used to call me "Mother Hen" because I would always try to take care of my brothers.
 I always loved baby dolls and taking care of anything. 
I've always known that I would be a mom some day and every time someone asked, 
"What do you want to be when you grow up?"My response was always having to do with helping people:
Gymnastic/ Dance Teacher
Babysitter (Yes, I thought this was a profession)

And Now my dream is coming true: I'm going to be a REAL grown-up teacher.

5. Dancing Machine
I was in dance classes and gymnastics before I ever touched a soccer ball, and I would like to think that's where I learned my coordination. I loved music and always performed in talent shows (once again, I loved the attention). 
When I got my first pair of tap shoes I remember never taking them off. I loved making melodic taps as I walked. Once I even told my mom:
"Mom, I'm going to tap ALL over this town!"

6. I was born a princess.

My mom had these costumes custom made for us. Because of my Middle Eastern background (I'm half Palestinian) I was obsessed with Aladdin. These costumes cost a pretty penny, so I had no choice but to be Jasmine for 3 or 4 years in a row.

These picture made me realize that I am who I have always been (If that makes sense). I grew up with the best example of a strong independent woman that I consider my best friend and inspiration. 
As each day passes I can only hope that I become more and more like her. 

Do you ever realize this? Tell me your stories!

Love you mom! 

P.s. My mom lost the perm YEARS ago, don't worry :)


Whim Wham Life said...

Precious photos! You were a doll:-) Haha. I was always Jasmine too! xoxo

So shay said...

Sabrina~ You were hands down the cutest baby on this earth! OH my goodness. I almost wanted to touch the screen and squish your little cheekies :) Haha. I look back at my pictures too, and I was the same exact way...except I always said I wanted to be a Medical Research Scientist ahahaha (pshhh yeah right). I guess I wanted to appear smart, I dunno. I have a ton of pictures like this...it makes me want to get all my baby pictures out too! :)

My Mom totally rocked that perm too back in the day! My gawd!

Anywho, it's nothing new, but you are ADORABLE in so many ways. I'm so glad we are bloggy/facebook/hopefully IRL friends soon. Xoxo.

ronan said...

really lovely photos, great commentary as well haha :D ronan x


Jessi said...

Aw you are so cute! I definately know what you mean you are who you've always been. I feel the same way when looking at old pictures.

Annnd I had that same Halloween costume when I was little.

Rissy said...

I dont know if I was the kind of baby that I am adult, but I am known for saying "I was pretty freakin cute" every time I see baby pics of me... yep braggy bragerton.

You were a big baby, but you are such a tiny person! how does that work???

My mom had mini and mickey costimes custom made for brother and I so we wore them for 3 years! Your Jasmine costume is wayy sassier!


lauren said...

Sooo cute! My mom had a perm too, haha. I love your blog! I'm excited to be your newest follower :)
xoxo Lauren

Alex said...

haha this is too cute! now i want to go through all of my old photos! xoxo

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