On Location

(Dress- Old Navy, Shoes- Ross, Sweater- Splendid, Belt- came with jeans from years ago, Jewelry- F21)

I did it! I finally got off my butt (and outta my house) and took some pics outside! 
And I've gotta tell you... it felt great!
At first I felt a little silly as people walked by and probably thought I was crazy.

My favorite part: I was using my car as my tripod because I don't actually have one. So This guy pulled up next to me and said, "Do you need help?" 
Then I realized it was one of my former professors. 

That totally broke the ice for me, I mean how much more embarrassing could it get?

So off I went to find some other cool colored walls... it was just a great day. 

Oh and I've been experimenting with some different tones in my pics... I don't know if I actually like them yet.. So tell me what you think! Pretty please :)

 This is my serious face.
 Oh, did I not tell you? I'm a bear in my spare time. 


Rissy said...

the 3rd and the last are my favorites I think!

I love all of you guys who go out and take your pics outside... I'm way too much of a sissy for that!


Michelle said...

I like the 2nd to last pic tones!! And your belt is amazing!!!

Tim, Steph and Jaerick said...

3rd to the last and 2nd to the last! Love them! Love reading your blog!

Unknown said...

I love Spokane for all the fun little bridges and walls, they are great for pics! I like the more saturated tone, the one with the orange wall!

That is hilarious that one of your old professors stopped and asked if you needed help. I would have died!!

You're beautiful!

Michelle Elizabeth said...

You are really very pretty!
I mean look at that hair!

PorkStar said...

Beautiful pictures. 2 is my favorite.

The first one is really great too. You could increase the vibrance a little and make the wall color a little brighter. Overall however, its a great picture.

All of them.

Nuha said...

you are so cute!!

ElisabethCS said...

I love it! You did an awesome job! I so wish I had the time or had a live-in babysitter to go with me on my "shoots"...til then I will just "dream" of taking pix in all my outfits. wa wa.

You look gorj!!!! Love the outfit!

The Happy Yoga Mom

Anonymous said...

I love your dress and long cardigan, the layers look great together.

Kelly said...

Gorgeous photos! I love your outfit here.
I'm a new follower :)


Dalia Chavez said...

Love this outfit!!

Laura said...

This is a gorgeous outfit and you have just totally inspired me! Thank you :)

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

your old professor? I can't imagine mine outside of school! I always have my BF or mom take my photos cause I hate it when people stare at me with weird faces. The pictures turned out nice! i like the jumspuit you are wearing ^^ x

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