My Passion

I grew up with two older brothers. They were always there to play with, compete with, but mostly take care of. My mom would always call me 'Mother Hen.' I was always trying to mother them even tho I was the baby in the family. 

I started babysitting when I was 9 or 10 years old. I loved kids and loved being able to be apart of their lives.

When I was 19, I decided to pack up and move to Austin, Texas. I wasn't ready to go back to school and I was in dire need a change in my life. I started looking online for nanny positions that could possibly take me somewhere other than here. I signed up with an agency online and soon after received phone interviews. A month later I was flying down to Austin to meet the family that I would soon be living with. 

Immediately I clicked with the little girl, Ava. She was 18 months at the time and already seemed so smart. They took me on a tour of Austin and explained my duties if I were to accept the position. I was SOLD.

I could go on and on about Austin, but it was really Ava that I was most looking forward to taking care of. 

I flew down in August and started settling in. My days consisted of taking Ava to pools, parks, museums, movies, and other fun things around the city. It was a blast! Besides all of the complications of living with the family my time spent in Austin really solidified my love for children. 

 Some pictures I took of Ava

Upon my return to the Northwest, I began school at Gonzaga University pursuing my degree in Sociology and Elementary Education Certification (That's a mouthful). I have spent my senior year volunteering in classrooms and dedicating my time to researching low income schools. My thesis is near and dear to my heart. I've been studying how universities prepare their teachers to work in low-income, urban schools. These schools are populated with children who are already have so much stacked against them, it is truly my passion to see that quality teachers are distributed to these high-need schools. 

With all of this said, I just wanted you to know what I really feel passionate about. Of course clothes, shoes, and jewelry are interests of mine, but they could never make me feel as loved as when a student says:
"Miss Mallah, I wish you could teach me forever."

That's what does it for me. That's what pulls at my heart strings, and makes me want to be the most amazing teacher and example of a person. 


So shay said...

Omgoodness! I live in Austin! I love it here! I love this post so much, that is so great! That little girl is too cute for words too!

Laura said...

This is a really beautiful post. Kids really are these little angels that can bring so much joy to our lives! I was a part-time nanny for a family my freshmen year of college and even though it was 4 years ago, I still think about "my boys" all the time! And I was raised by a nanny (same lady for 14 years!) so I know how much of an impact a nanny can have on a life.

Wish you the best in your pursuits of teaching, and with a passion and heart like this I am sure you will go far!

Michelle said...

I'm passionate about teaching!! I teach high school English and Reading. Each and every day I feel fulfilled and feel like I have helped someone succeed. Teaching is not easy, but I learn every day. How can I be a good teacher if I am not willing to learn myself? I think you will be an amazing teacher.
Happy Tuesday!

Rissy said...

I think it is very brave that you packed up and moved out on your own at 19... I left for Ohio State at 17, but that was college so it seemed safe. And I cried when my mom took me back after spring break. Hi University of Maryland lol

I feel like I just got to know you a lot better! Thanks for that and the adorable pictures.

Come teach in Baltimore....
seriously my favorite teacher of all time started out in inner city schools there...


PorkStar said...

Wow that's such a super sweet post.

Great for all that good work you've been doing. Smarty pants.

Cute pics by the way, I was a baby sitter when I was 9-10, with my little cousins and all too. I can't wait to have my own kids.

Unknown said...

Hands down this wins the best post ever award. Yes I love clothes. Yes I love all my other selfish desires BUT it is comments like those that make me want to use my degree right this second! Kids are the best. Are you student teaching right now?

And yes, next time I am in Spokane lets have a little "blogger meet up" haha, that makes it sound like we are strangers to each other! And no I have never been to Bennihanna's so it is a must that we go there.

Have a great day!

LCR said...

i'm a teacher as well and you really hit it on the head with this post. teachers are so important and we can find such joy in their innocent views. awesome post.
Come by and visit me too?

Anonymous said...

So awesome! I can totally relate;
1) I may be moving to Austin. My husband has a job interview, I'm a little hesitant about it but I hear it's a pretty cool place.
2) I currently work in an inner-city school. I am OBSESSED with my job and I love it. I would never work at a different type of school :)


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