My Brain Has Left Me.

Last week I promised that I would post picture of my sushi making adventure with my mom. 
Well, I lied.
I didn't mean to, I swear, but you have to understand: I think my brain is on strike.
Lately I have misplaced things, forgot what times my classes were, and completely zoned out. What's my deal?
I don't know anyone that can answer that question, but with that being said! All I can do is throw my hands up in the air and hope for a clearer, more focused week in the future!
Done with excuses.

Sushi Time! My mom said she wanted to make sushi and I was stoked! So I headed over there just to realize she wanted to make california rolls. *Que Major Eye-Roll* 
Mom, California rolls aren't reeeally sushi. I mean they are but they aren't, ya dig?

Oh well, I still was down to get sticky rice on my hands. 

So I cut the cucs, stripped the avocados, and almost gaged when I smelt the imitation crap crab.
Just call me Sous Chef Sabrina. 

Then we pressed the rice, added veggies, (some with crab) and rolled em tight. 

I think we made 100 rolls, I don't really remember I was totally in the zone. 

Have you ever made sushi? Do you even like sushi?
Tell me all about it, sistas (and porkstar).

P.S. (Rissy I'm taking after you) I'm sitting in class right now and would give anything to be anywhere else. 


Rissy said...

holy cow! I feel so famous right now!!!! you rock my socks!

also... i made sushi with my friend's fam once... we were SO freaking hungry when we were finished! takes a lot of self control.

photobooth pics are AMAZING!


PorkStar said...

I'm one of the girls too, so no need to put me on the side lmao.

Well, I am not a fan of sushi. I don't like cold stuff or anything living that dwells in the oceans. Except for tuna and the occasional tilapia or salmon when I get my bouts of wanting to be vegetarian. At which point I fail once the smell of the sea hits my nostrils.

Totally LMAO at you "almost gagged" at the crab. I always do.

One thing you might have forgotten too, it's St Patricks day!!!

You don't look old enough to be forgetting stuff, chica. What your brain needs is booze.

Lillies and Lace said...

oooo i love sushi! looks delicious. i have a bamboo sushi roller thingy and i've been wanting to make my own too! i'll get around to it sometime...

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