Is Anyone Out There?!

Here's the deal. I wanna know who you are. I mean, REALLY get to know you! 

I was at work one weekend and one of my customers said, "Hey, don't you have a blog?" 
Can you guess my reaction?
A. Totally wanted to die laughing.
B. Got red in the face.
C. The pitch of my voice went to a sudden shriek.
D. All of the above.

Well you probably guessed it! I unconsciously did all of those things, including almost spilling a drink on him! The point here being... I wanna know who reads my little blog! 

Whether you're a follower, frequent reader, or you just like to check in every once in a while. I'm just dying to know you!

I completely understand not commenting, it's not mentally possible to comment on every blog I read, I get it! But here's my little bitty favor I'm asking of you....

If you know me, know of me, heard about me from a friend, or just somehow stumbled upon my blog I would love to hear from you! If you wouldn't mind writing a little comment about yourself, something silly, serious, interesting or maybe a question you have for me!

Once I get all of your responses I have a little surprise for you all 
(this may or may not include my guitar and a Phoebe Buffay inspired song. For all of you Friends lovers out there!) 

So what do you say? 
That's not too much to ask for is it? Also send me a link to your blog so I can ch-ch-ch-a-check it out.

Okay, back to homework! (And the Bachelor)


PorkStar said...

Howdy. I recently found you through someone else, I can't remember, I think Carissa. I like your blog and style. I might be the only dude following a couple of fashion blogs, but being in NYC, that rubs off on you a little.

My blog is a little different and not for everyone to enjoy reading. Why? Because it's a little... how do decent people say? Vulgar.

I'm into photography and slowly learning how to photograph people and fashion photography is good practice. Additionally, you are very photogenic and you sparkle in your images. It gives me ideas for my photo shoots.

Slowly catching up on your blog.

If you visit my blog, I hope you don't feel offended by the language or topics mentioned.


: )

Sabrina Says Blog said...

@PorkStar, Love that you bring a different perspective to a girls kind of world!

It definitely takes a lot to offend me and i love your humor! Thanks for checking in and letting me know who you are! Oh.. and now I'm following you!

Unknown said...

You're awesome!I love your blog. This is my first time reading, Funny post.

hi, i am nathan said...

Hey! I don't have much fashion (maybe your expertise could help a guy out!) but you are one of the most interesting people i have been graced to know! Love the witty diction and you have a great artistic eye! ps. please post another of your songs! "that sabrina, she is goin places"... also if you get the time check these guys out...www.youngprofessionals1@bandcamp.com ...we are 5 local guys trying to make it happen! Sabrina you are pretty cool, miss the days of getting breakfast! keep it up...and PEACE!

Sabrina Says Blog said...

@ Jason, Thank's for popping in! Hope you and Krstn found a place! Excited to see your website in 16 days :)

@Nathan! I haven't seen you in...too long. Yes, I miss breakfast at Marron. Those were the days! Thank you for the genuine comment, and I've definitely been working on some new songs hopefully bringing them to life soon!

Anjela said...

Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog (stumbled because I've no idea how I actually got to it, lol) & love it! You are incredibly photogenic (something I count as a talent).
I'm a university student (with a university student type of budget) who loves playing dress up (even if that means being overdressed sometimes...) amongst many, man other things! You can check out my blog to find out more : adoseofdelight.blogspot.com

your newest follower:

Unknown said...

I got to your blog through my sister ... Stephanie Johnson. She told me like a couple weeks ago how cute your blog was so I had to check it out. Love your style. I remember your name from HS so you may remember me? Probably not cause I'm kinda old (haha). I've always wondered this myself...Who is reading my blog?

Keep the fashion posts coming.


Kate said...

I would love you to sing a Pheobe Bouffet inspired song! Just stopping by from Running on Happiness and you are adorable!

XO, Katie
Running on Happiness

Alex said...

I found you through Rissy! She and I went to college together and she's the best! Looking forward to reading more. xoxo



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