Dancin Fool.

Here's the deal. I love guys that dance. Please do not confuse this with 'guys who know how to dance.'
I don't care if you go on the dance floor and look like Carlton, Napoleon, or this guy.

It's okay to look like a fool. I let my crazy flag fly all the time. 
Just know, that I will look like a fool with you. Let's get foolish.

Country bars are probably my most favorite things. A combination of live music, mechanical bulls, booze, and dancing on tables. Not many places allow this, let alone encourage it!

Here's how the night went down:
We walk in to the country bar (All decked out in daisy dukes and cuteness)
Get a pitcher (filled with deliciousness)
And within 10 minutes we found our dancing partners that would last all night!
Will, Buck, and Danny. My new favorites.

There is just somethin about a country boy, ya know? It brings me back to my days in Austin.
I miss it so much!

Oh, Did I mention that I told everyone it was my birthday?
Oh, and I got a free shot for my birthday, which led me to dance like this (just go with it)
By the end of the night my friends and I were part of the band! 
Just call us the Ryan-ettes!


Rissy said...

I would like to look like you in my cut-offs... or this year i will have to retire them! that's all


PorkStar said...

I've seen the likes of you here in NY. Good to know there are some folks out there who don't mind those who don't exactly know how to dance. Thank you for the support of us lame-os.

Unknown said...

Oh my FUN!!
I love me some country boys :)

And we are going to the OR coast. I haven't been there in a long time!

Rissy said...

all fixed! your button is officially part of my blog

ElisabethCS said...

I agree with ya girlie! I love it when my hubby dances. He finally loves dancing.

You look amazing!


Megan said...

You are SO absolutely adorable! I am visiting from Rissy's blog!! Love your cutoffs!

Kate said...

You look adorable! I love country bars! We like to go to Toby Keiths here in AZ. Are you the type of girl that does the dancing and get's thrown in the air and around the guys back?! I have always wanted to know how to do that!!

XO, Katie
Running on Happiness

Monica said...

haha! is this big als? love these pictures because I know youre having the time of your life! I love dasiy dukes jean shorts and still wear the same hollister pair I had back in high school.

Nuha said...

okay you are so stinkin cute!

Laura said...

Looks like such a fun night! And I am totally with you- I love a boy that will get out and dance with me, even if he is flailing around!

Anonymous said...

this is hilarious!!I have got to find a place like this when I'm visiting Austin :)

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