Be Irresponsible.

I went out last Saturday for the St. Patty's Day parade. And this is what my day looked like in pictures.

It started with a bloody mary and a beer (X2)

 I was feelin pretty good about the shirt that I cut up. I was just feelin pretty good in general.
Then an Irish Car Bomb (I'm kind of a pro at taking them)

Excitement + Delightful beverage

And I think it was riiiight about here where i dropped my phone.
 After taking this awkward picture, of course.

And THIS is what I ended the night with. Oh dear... It still works! But it sure gets a reaction out of anyone who sees it!

Hope your night turned out a little better than mine! (Although, I think I had a blast...)


PorkStar said...

Your last pic is priceless. I would be looking all sorts of sad and angry as a result of what happened to the phone. However, since I've been reading your blog, your reactions are a little different from the rest of the world : )

Michelle said...

I LOVE that you are smiling with your broken phone!!! I would have cried. Yes, definitely cried. Good for you for looking all sorts of cute and not all red and puffy faced like I would have!

SILVIA said...

love it!!!
super style!!!

ah!follow u now =D

Rissy said...

ahhh we do have the same shirt! I went up to every single person wearing it and did this little "you, me, you, me" night at the roxbury esque thing... my friend Rachel was like "PLEASSSEEE stop doing that"
Oh and I spit an irish car bomb all over a table


Anonymous said...

loving your blog! youre doing a great job! i was at the st. pattys day parade too haha
have you checked mine out yet? let me know what you think?

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