(skirt and belt-F21, Shoes-Jessica  Simpson, Necklace- Old Navy, Jacket- Thrifted)

I really didn't want to post these pictures because that dang skirt was SO full of static! But I think you get the idea, right? I found this skirt the other day at F21 and have been thinking and thinking about what I can wear it with. So I just started throwing things on. A studded belt, a chunky necklace, and a sequin jacket. So what do you think? How would you wear this skirt? Any suggestions?


Jillian said...

i like the middle photo, with the belt without the cardigan. v cute! i wish i could pull off a long skirt :) xoxo jcd

Jessi said...

That's a really cute outfit!

Yours Truly said...

I love all of those. Its amazing how many ways you can wear something! What a great F21 find. I need a maxi skirt! Spendid has one, but its $100. Yeah..NO. I am trying to find one cheaper. Those black books you have would be cute with it too, giving it more the military look!


Sabrina Mallah said...

Yes! I saw that! It looks SO comfy too! I just can't justify spending $100 on cotton. haha

I'll definitely try it with my boots! I was thinking maybe baggy-ish sweater? hmm..

Candis said...

putting the belt on just pulls the whole outfit together. love it! you almost dont need the jacket.

Kinsey Michaels said...

i love love the end result!! so gorgeous!

Polka Princess said...

Love the way you've worn that skirt.....am following you.....follow me back? :)

Polka Princess


ElisabethCS said...

okay I seriously love the skirt! I think I saw one kinda like it last time I ventured in f21. You're so cute!!! The whole get-up is awesome!

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