What's it gonna take?

Getting to the gym has proven to be a little more difficult than I expected. Although I have plenty of time to actually make it there...for some reason I always opt out. I think I know what could make my trip to the gym a little more interesting...

Orange Mocha Frappachino!! 

Okay, now that was a joke... but maybe some fresh new gear would help motivate me?

Beautiful and practical.

Of course I need more yoga pants and zip ups!

Not to mention one of the best motivators... EVER


Unknown said...

going to the gym is ROUGH.
I would rather eat brownies haha. jk.
but seriously.
You camera skills on self timer are amazing ps.
you should post pics of your apt!
I can't wait to live in my own place again!

pps i just realized i told you to see country strong, and you had already told me you loved it. i am such a blonde.

Nick said...

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