Baby Mania!

I finally arrived in St. George! Wayne picked me up and we headed to the hospital to see Molly and their new addition, Samuel. Wayne went in first and I waited in the hall, SO NERVOUS! I couldn't wait to get in there and see Molly's face! Already in tears, I knocked on the door and waited until I heard her, walked through the door with the biggest smile on my face!

She was SO surprised! Well...maybe more confused than surprised, but almost as emotional as me! Wayne and I really pulled off this surprise!

I am so blessed to have been able to fly out the night after she had her baby! I was given the greatest Christmas present in the world. I am so thankful for Ben, because without him NONE of this would have been possible. Here's how it happened:

Laura, Suzy and I were getting ready for our Christmas party at work when I received a call from Molly. "Hey Sabrina! Oh yeah...we're just celebrating Samuels Birthday." I didn't even realize what she was saying until she said... "Sabrina, I'm in labor!"

Ben met us at Rain where we had drinks and dinner and a gift exchange. We all ended up going out and dancing after the party. When we got home... around 1:30 am... I got a picture from Wayne of baby Samuel. Immediately I started tearing up!

Right then Ben asked me if I wanted my Christmas gift. He told me that he was flying me out to see Molly! We booked it on the spot! And I was on the plane in 10 hours. I seriously could not believe it! No one has ever done something so thoughtful and selfless. I wish he could be here because I just know Molly would love him! Amazing. I am still in shock.


So Now I'm here! Spending time with Molly and Wayne and their family. His brother Wes and Diya are here with their lovely daughter Malini. So I'm pretty much in heaven! Two babies and my best friend = best christmas gift ever!

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