If My Heart Could Write Songs.

Situation: Stuck on a couch for a few days. You have a computer, television and the world at your fingertips. What'll it be? Watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Homework? No.. no. New Music Time! It's been months since I have actually made a significant addition to my library. My playlists have been on the same rotation for far too long. I wanted to make a playlist for a friend who doesn't like country music. Ask anyone who knows me and you would know that country music probably consumes 87%  of my life. So I decided this would be a great opportunity to not only pick out those essential country songs to ease him in, but to also expand my range in music. So Ben, I hope you like your random, crazy compilation of music! The one thing I hope you take away from it: Not all country music is about trucks, dogs, and beer.

Back to the Music:

Radioactive- Kings of Leon
The Show Goes On- Lupe Fiasco
Gimme Dat- Ciara
To Be Young- Ryan Adams
Windows Are Rolled Down- Amos Lee
Listen To Your Love- MONA
Colours- Grouplove
Radar Detector- Darwin Deez

Crown on the Ground-Sleigh Bells


Unknown said...

thanks for sharing xxxxx

Megan Blair said...

I officially LOVVVE sleigh bells at the moment :)

great blog

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