It's been a while!

Back to school! Already?! yes... Unfortunately. Despite only having a three week break for my official summer I did a lot of fun things! I went to San Fransisco, Long Beach, moved into a new apartment, got a new job, made lots of friends, went to the lake, partied, all the while still maintaining an outstanding GPA :).

Getting back into the swing of things at school has been a pretty easy transition. I get my placement for my field experience next week and hopefully it's a good one! It is the last practicum I have before student teaching... which makes me a little nervous! I can't believe this is my last year! It has truly gone by too fast. I never thought I would say this, but I actually like being in school. I love learning new things and challenging my past beliefs. Being in school means that I don't have to take on full responsibility of life, just yet. I'm not ready! I mean, I've always been independent and gone where ever the wind blows me, but at this point in my life... I don't want to grow up! 

I'm now working at a bar Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Obviously, I don't want to be doing this the rest of my life, but I have to say it fits perfectly with my life right now! It's such a fun, low-key, classy little spot with live music and plenty of drinks and good people. So for now... I am just enjoying being single and focusing on school and living life! I'm almost 23... 22 was a pretty great year. I've met a lot of wonderful people and had a lot of fun times!

Okay. I really don't have much else to say. OH. Except I saw this adorable video on YouTube and I can't help but think of my future students. Children are SO smart, it's crazy to think about how intelligent they really are and how their minds work in crazy ways. As a future teacher I try to keep in mind I need to always be leading my students to achieve their personal best instead of a specific state standard or test score. Teaching is so much  more than that. Okay here is the video. 


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