Mini Christmas

Last night was our Mini Christmas Party. Like last year, we did a little gift exchange with socks and shots. It's such a fun and 
inexpensive idea! I'm sad Molly and Adrienne couldn't join us
this year, but they both live far away.

We had so much food! Lindsey made delicious chicken lettuce wraps, Allison brought hot wings, Justine made artichoke dip, and I made the drinks! They were SO delicious! You should really try them!

White Gummy Bear
1oz Raspberry Vodka
1oz Peach schnapps
1/2oz Sweet and Sour
a little bit of Sprite

After our gift exchange we played Christmas Song Pictionary and Taboo. I feel like I was laughing the whole night! It was so
nice to be done with finals and just spend some much needed 
fun time with the girls.

After the games, we set up the Wii...

(It got a little intense! Excuse my language :) 
I get a little into it)

Merry Christmas!
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