I'm a little behind!

I've been meaning to update my blog, but recently just haven't had the time! Right now there a million other things I should be doing including studying for finals, cleaning my apartment, getting my oil changed...the list goes on. But NO! I am blogging. And trust me, it's gonna be good :) 

Thanksgiving break was amazing! I love the holidays because that means I get to spend time with my nieces. They are little princesses and I love them Oh So Much.

This is Aspen and Queenie. I cannot believe how fast they are growing up! After we were done eating Aspen decided to sneak upstairs and found a Christmas present! She wanted to show everyone what she had found, and decided to push it downstairs! haha... At first everyone thought Aspen had fallen down the stairs, but once they realized she was okay, it was REALLY funny! 


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