Feeling Creative

Tonight has been an interesting night. I have accomplished many many things! First of all I finally cleaned my apartment! I did all of my laundry, cleaned my kitchen, and swept/ mopped again! It felt really good to get the cleaning out of the way. Then I finished my Christmas shopping. I came home and finished making my gifts for my nieces and my mom. Then I started painting! I'm telling ya, I was feelin' crafty! Take a look at what I did!

Scarves for Queenie and Aspen

Scarf for my mom
(Idea from Natalie)

My Paintings! (Work in progress)


Unknown said...

WOW! I'm impressed! the scarfs for the girls are adorable! I love your moms scarf, and am amazed at your paintings! I didn't know you could paint! But i Love them! You are awesome at everything you do though

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