Switching things up!

Before Thanksgiving, I went on a little road trip to Seattle. My friend Courtney and I hit the road and made it over in what seemed like a few short hours. The pass was clear and I had my iPhone to guide our way. We met up with our friend Will, whom we stayed with that weekend, and met a few of his friends and lovely girlfriend Sasha. 

Saturday Courtney and I were going to play soccer in the morning with Will, but decided to go shopping instead! We wet up with Will and his friend Adrian later that day. Adrian was quite the looker :)

The whole reason I wanted to get out of town was because I recently made some HUGE changes in my life. There are just a lot of things that I am changing and I needed a fresh start, ya know? 

Kind of like when I moved to Texas for a year! It was a last minute decision, but it was one of the greatest choices I have ever made! I gained so much from that experience in Texas and I would never take that back. 

Anyway, I'm getting off track! So we ended up getting dressed up and going to The Parlor, a bar where Sasha works. It was in Bellevue, and it was really nice! I got a little camera happy... and took some hilarious pictures of the friends we were hanging with! 

For some reason when I get a few drinks in me I don't feel like smiling anymore!

Over all it was a really good weekend! I made some new friends, connected with some old ones, and made it home safe without using the chains my mom insisted I buy!


Unknown said...

Is that ALL that happened:) I'm glad you had fun that weekend!

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