All I want for Christmas....

I was talking to my best friend, Molly, today and we got on the topic of Christmas. This year is going to be a little sad. As we grow older the magic of Christmas begins to fade. We have different obligations, different families, and different states that falls in the way of seeing our loved ones. 

I've only celebrated Christmas for part of my life because my real dad was Muslim. For some reason when I was in the fifth grade my dad decided we would stop celebrating Christmas. So now that I am on my own, I have created some of my own traditions with my family. I love being able to spend time with Jim's side of the family. I get to see my nieces and catch up with Jimmy& Kayla, Nic & Sarah, and Brett & Nikki. I am so blessed that Jim came into our lives, not only because he makes my mom SO happy, but he added some awesome brothers and sisters to our family! 

My brother, Jarir, will be coming into town for the holidays. I got to spend some time with him when I went to Seattle the other weekend. It's weird to think about how close we used to be when we were little, and now realizing that we hardly talk. I admire him so much for everything he has done and the person he has become through everything our family has had to deal with. He is so much stronger than I will ever be. I'm excited to hang out with him more and learn about the person that I have missed out on the past few years. 

I'm not really asking for anything this Christmas. I have everything I need, and that is the truth. I am so blessed to have the most giving and loving mom in the world. She is my everything. I don't know what I would do without her. It is so nice to have someone who is always there for you, no matter the situation. She's got my back!

.....But if I HAD to ask for something.... it would be this!

It's a Flip MinoHD... isn't it cute?! So practical and comes with all the software you need for downloading, editing and it's so easy to share! 
I think it could add an interesting dynamic to my blog... what do you think?
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