On Friday night Justine and I went out on the town! We headed to Andy's Bar first and had a drink. We were the only ones dressed up, and were turning heads... maybe not in a good way, but it was still fun! We then headed to Jack and Dans and hung out with some of my friends from my soccer team. The Law School had their halloween party that night, and Jack and Dan's was apparently the after party spot. I'd have to say I enjoyed many of the costumes, especially Billy Mays.... He really pulled it off!

I didn't know this guy, and that could be why he was making this face!

My plan was to dress up and Betty Boop, but I ran into a few problems. I couldn't find a little stuffed dog and I couldn't do my hair like her.  So in the end I just ended up being some sort of flapper... I'm not really sure, but my dress was sparkely and red... Justine was Cleopatra :)

In the lower left corner is my dancing with some random guy. You should have seen the moves he was busting, it was insane!


Unknown said...

Cute pictures! You both look beautiful! Ah i wish i could have gone dancing with you

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