Halloween Festivities

I love the month of October! First of all, it is my brithday month...and second of all it's always so colorful and bright and it just makes me happy. My birithday was really amazing! I got an awesome new camera... It's SO SWEET! It takes really beautiful pictures and it looks really pretty too!

About a week before my birthday I decided to buy myself something nice... I have always wanted a little Coach Wristlet because I think they are sooo cute and very practical for when I go out. I can fit everything I need and it dangles so perfectly from my wrist! Last weekend I fit cash, credit card, ID, lip gloss, camera, and my phone! It was a tight fit, but it worked! And I love the design all my fave colors, and it goes with the scarf Moo bought me!

My birthday month is now over, but the festivities are continuing this coming weekend! I'm having some friends over to my apartment beacuse I haven't officially had a house warming party... We're going to be making some fall drinks and trying out some fondue. It'll be a great way to break in my apartment now that my crazy neighbor is gone!
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