Reality Check

I am grateful for many MANY things in my life. I have actually been writing a gratitude list everyday for the past few weeks now, and I feel like my good karma should be building up.... but it obviously is not. Some thing that I am very un-grateful for is the neighbor who lives below me. I'm really not going to list all of the things that I really think about this situation because I don't want to let the whole world know I swear like a sailor. But I will tell you this:
                        1. He is an irresponsible, old, alcoholic that has no sense of right and wrong
                        2. Although he has been living here for three years and been an annoyance to everyone in this complex, he decides to blame all of his problems on me.
                      3. What kind of MAN thinks it is EVER reasonable to confront a girl with vulgar, crude language in some way of trying to scare her.

Sometimes I just don't get it... please, instead of blaming me for your problems look at this situation as a new starting point in your life. Take this oppourtunity to get off your ass, find a real job, and get yourself into AA. My advise is only to help, but I can tell you right now, you will always be a douche-bag loser.


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