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It is almost the time of year when Christmas songs start playing in stores and on the radio. I can't help but start to feel a little cheery inside. I love (almost) everything about Christmas time. The one exception is snow...if it could only be here for Christmas Eve and Day, then I would be happy, but for some reason the snow usually sticks around until June. But right now, there are still some beautiful fall colors around...

In the spirit of the nearing holiday season I have a list of some of my favorite things! Some I have just recently discovered while others have been favorites all my life. Enjoy :)


Sushi in Spokane- Ginger on 14th and Grand
Lunch Spot- Apple Spice on 5th and Washington
New Show- Glee
Web Site to watch shows- Hulu.com or CastTV.com
Car- Mine, of course! Honda Civic
Country Singer- Carrie Underwood
Actress (based on looks)-Megan Fox
Actor (based on looks)- Bradley Cooper
Thai Food- Thai Bamboo Phad Thai
Neighborhood- Brownes Addition
Breakfast- Cafe Marron's All American...D-Lish!
Invention- iPhone
New Experience- Frolfing! (Frisbee Golfing) It's FRUN! (free and fun)
Smell- Wet Leaves, I know it's weird, but it reminds me of when I was little!
Out-The-Door Look- Beanie and messy pigtails
New Makeup Trick- White Eye Shadow! Take a look at THIS
Nail Polish- China Glaze in For Audrey
Feel Good Song- (If you're wondering if I want you to) I want you to- Weezer

This is not even half of what I want to share with you all! But I have to study... My goal is to not put my blog before my school work, well that's what my mom made me promise.... Good Night!

P.S. Let me know what your favorite places/things are! I want to try new things!

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