Welcome Home! This is my new apartment! I love my little place (Actually it's not really little) so much I couldn't wait to show it to the blogger world! I love having my own spot and I can decorate and organize how ever I want! It's just me.. There is one bedroom, one bath, a full kitchen, and a HUUUGE living area! There is way too much room for just me! But It's ALL MINE :) Let me know what you think of my new place... Unless it's mean, then don't tell me :)

 This is the view from outside my window... You can kind of see my NEW CAR! It's so bright and sunny I love it!
This is my desk. This is where I'll be doing all of my homework :) haha
This is the front door of my apartment. It opens up right into the HUGE living room. I don't have enough furniture to fill my apartment! I didn't think that was possible!
This is the AWESOME kitchen floor. I don't hate it that much.. It's definitely retro, not necessarily in the good way.
My Favorite kitchen device :) But I don't have anything that needs mixing! What's a girl to do?
I love stainless steel :) This toaster is awesome It has a blue light with a countdown timer!
My Bed... Next to the window... my room is so bright!
Everything in my apartment is SO TALL! I can't reach anything in my closet or in the kitchen! So I got a step stool :) I got it at Ross!
I really love my new apartment! It's going to be a great little spot  for me for the next year! Yup, I did it! I signed a YEAR LEASE! I really hate moving, so I'm staying here for as long as I can!
My Apartment is so close to everything: school, resturants, bars, and downtown! I love everything about it and am so excited about living on my own! This is definitely going to be an experience and I'll let ya know how it goes!


Natalie Jane said...


So lucky to have a little place all to yourself :)

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