Big Girl Bed

My bed finally arrived! Yesterday Bart delivered my bed... a little overwhleming it came in three HUGE boxes! Later Bryan came over and helped me set it up (and when I say helped me, I mean he did it all!) It looked pretty simple, I probably could have done it myself... but he's just so good at putting stuff together :) So anyway, we put it together, took a step back, and tried to figure out how it would look best in my room. We decided to put it on the south side wall so when you walk into my room you see the beautiful headboard.

I love it SO MUCH! It's so high off the ground I almost have to jump to get in it! It's such a nice change because I've had my bed directly on the floor for about 6 years now. Time for change! I now have a few other projects that I want to accomplish before the weather gets too cold. I'm trying to figure out how to decorate. I want something soft and bright... those words sort of contradict, but it's what I want!

I'm going to re-finish my dresser so it matches my bed and put some handles on it so it look sort of antique-Y. I'm excited! I feel like there is always something to do around my apartment, like dishes, sweeping, moping, garbage... it gets a little exhausting on top of work and homework! But I'm trying to stay on top of it so it doesn't pile up. I am really enjoying life right now :) Alright... here are some pictures of my lovely bed!

please excuse the exposed box spring :)

What do you think of these colors? haha It might make me go crazy after a while... but maybe I can create something like this, just not as extreme!

P.S. I am SO excited my BEST FRIEND Molly is coming up in October to visit me! Oh and visit her family, too :) Love you, Moo!
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