Under Construction!

I am currently doing a little updating on this whole blog situation. Lately I have been scouring the many blogs in the Web Universe. I love the artsy ones, the fashion ones, food and drink... I'm a fan of them all! So I've decided that my blog will be a combination of EVERYTHING! I definitely want to keep you updated on my life and what's happenin', but I also want to inform you in what's hot in my book. My life is changing starting NOW.... well actually a few weeks ago, but I'm writing about it NOW. I'm not going to throw out any specifics on how often I will be updating, but I can tell you it will be more frequent than my last blog (I can here Molly, "Yeeeeah, suuure Brina"). But I'm going to try! I hope you enjoy the changes.. and if it's your first time viewing, then I hope you likey too :). So here goes....


Molly said...

Yeah sure brina.... haha j/k! I believe you! I love your blog already! I love the background! Oh and do you own any of these scarfs??? SUPER CUTE!!! I miss you! Glad we can finally be blog buddies again. love you

Sabrina Mallah said...

No! I Wish I did! I'm thinking of investing in atleast one! I'm really excited about blogging :) You better keep up with me! I'm on a roll!

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