My Celeb Playlist

So I know I'm not really a celebrity, but Itunes always has random celebs explain what their favortie songs are... and I feel like mine are waaay better. But I'll let you be the judge. If nothing else maybe you will be able to add a few new songs to your library, courtesy of mine. Now these aren't necessarily my all time favorite, but theses are the songs that have been frequenting my ipod as of late.

(In no specific order)
1. Ayo Technology- Millow
2. You Are The One- Matt Hires
3. Say Hey (I love you)- Michael Franti and Spearhead
4. Daylight- Matt and Kim
5. You and Me- Dave Matthews Band
6. This Time Around- Randy Rogers Band
7. Party in the USA- Miley Cyrus
8. No One's Gonna Love You- Band of Horses
9. Lately- David Grey
10. You're New Twin Sized Bed- Death Cab For Cutie
11. If I Ever Leave This World Alive- Flogging Molly
12. Breakable- Ingrid Michealson
13.If You Don't Want to Love Me- James Morrison
14. I Want You- Kings Of Leon
15. Reason to Love You- Meiko

This is just a quick peek at what my music library holds. Right now my music style is pretty concentrated, but if you look deep into my library you will see that it's very diverse. So what do you think of my music? Have you heard it all?

P.S. Don't you dare say anything about Miley... It's a good song! Try not to smile when you hear it... I dare you.


Unknown said...

I'll try and listen to these songs during the week... i always like your music. it reminds me of how you always know every single word, and you rap it in your car! haha and i just pretend like i know what i'm singing but really feel like a complete idiot for not comparing to your geniousness

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